Direct Multi-Modal Inversion of Geophysical Logs Using Deep Learning

​​Alyaev, and Elsheikh [2022]
Earth and Space Science

Transfer Learning Approach to Prediction of Rate of Penetration in Drilling

​​Pacis, Alyaev, Ambrus, and Wiktorski [2022]
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)

Connecting Multilayer Semantic Networks to Data Lakes: The Representation of Data Uncertainty and Quality

​​Cayeux, Damski, Macpherson, Laing, Annaiyappa et al. [2022]
SPE Drilling & Completion

On Transitions Functions Model for Decision-Making in Offshore Operations

​​Mihai, Daireaux, Ambrus, Cayeux, and Carlsen [2022]
IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation

Automatic Measurement of the Dependence on Pressure and Temperature of the Mass Density of Drilling Fluids

​​Cayeux [2022]
SPE Journal

Boundary Control and Estimation for Under-Balanced Drilling with Uncertain Reservoir Parameters

​​Strecker, and Aarsnes [2022]
[CRIStin database]

Probabilistic model-error assessment of deep learning proxies: An application to real-time inversion of borehole electromagnetic measurements

​​Rammay, Alyaev, and Elsheikh [2022]
Geophysical Journal International

Ensemble-Based Well-Log Interpretation and Uncertainty Quantification for Well Geosteering

​​Jahani, Ambia Garrido, Alyaev, Fossum, Suter et al. [2022]

Probabilistic forecasting for geosteering in fluvial successions using a generative adversarial network

​​Alyaev, Tveranger, Fossum, and Elsheikh [2021]
First Break

A phenomenological transient model of bit foundering

​​Aarsnes, Ambrus, Meglio, and Gerbaud [2020]
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering

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